September 23, 2014 (Padre Pio)

September 23 is the new memorial for St. Padre Pio. Here is a prayer to him connected to St. John Paul the Great.

“Most blessed and beloved Saint Pio, you were chosen to glorify the crucified Jesus Christ through the visible wounds of the Cross that you bore for 50 years. And like Our Lord Jesus, you demonstrate your great love by sharing the many gifts bestowed upon you-especially the gift of intercession. Because of your great friendship with the Lord, He responds to your requests and blesses those who you bless. I now add my prayer to the many prayers offered to you every day by those who seek your help to obtain healings and consolations, earthly and spiritual blessings, and peace for body, mind and soul.

In your loving kindness, please bless my loved ones and me, and intercede for these special requests… (Here mention your intentions.) In your great love, Saint Pio, please continue to pray with us and for us. Amen”


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