November 15, 2014 (Prayer)

“We all have cares and problems we cannot solve alone
But if we go to God in prayer we are never on ‘our own’…
And if we try to stand alone we are weak and will fall.
For God is always Greatest when we’re helpless, lost and small.
And no day is unmeetable if on rising our first thought
Is to thank God for the blessings that His loving care has brought…
For there can be no failures or hopeless, unsaved sinners
If we enlist the help of God who makes all losers winners…
So meet Him in the morning and go with Him through the day
And thank Him for his guidance each evening when you pray
You will never in your lifetime face another ‘hopeless day.’
For like a soaring eagle you too can rise above
The ‘storms of life’ around you on the wings of prayer and love.”

Helen Steiner Rice


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