Jan. 12, 2015 (HEB 1:1-6)

As we begin the First Week of Ordinary in 2015, we hear from the Book of Hebrews (we’ll have it as first reading for most of 4 weeks). Hebrews is not technically a letter but a series of sermons (exhortations) stitched together to resemble a letter. It is called “Hebrews” because of so many Scripture quotes from the Hebrew Scriptures. It is the only book of the NT that has the “priesthood of Jesus” as a major theme.

Today we hear those marvelous lines that in former days God spoke to us in varied ways but now He speaks to us through His Son. A timely statement after hearing about the voice from heaven in yesterday’s Gospel. Does Jesus speak to you? How well do you hear Him? Are you a student (disciple) of His? Some interesting questions on a rainy Monday morning!


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