Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time (2015)

In today’s gospel story, we have Jesus’ first miracle, His first “mighty deed” which turns out to be what we call an exorcism, He drives out an unclean spirit. The people in the synagogue don’t know Jesus’ true identity (“the Holy One of God”), but the demon knows. Throughout the gospel of Mark, people will be concerned on finding out the true identity of Jesus. We got a glimpse at His baptism; we get a glimpse in today’s gospel story; but, in Mark, we won’t be fully informed until at the cross when the centurion says, “truly, this was the Son of God” It is the cross; always the cross. We been called to follow Jesus and to share His authority. What the people in the synagogue saw and heard is also available to us each time the Gospel is proclaimed: it is breaking “good news.” Will we listen? Will we go away unchanged or will we really listen, learn, and be transformed by the breaking “good news” of who Jesus really is?


One thought on “Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time (2015)

  1. I’m told that a newborn’s vision is very poor and it can only detect light and motion. It takes three to five years to fully develop. It seems that our ability to see and recognize Jesus also takes time to develop. The people in the synagogue may have only detected light and motion and never detected Jesus’ divinity. It5 seems we have to want to see very badly before the grace of that kind of vision is given to us. (Perhaps like Bartimeus.) Those who serve the poor and needy are encouraged to see in those they serve, the face of Christ. As a Vincentian, I have been blessed to see the suffering face of Christ.

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