Holy Saturday (2015) (Mark 16:1-7)

Of all 4 gospels, Mark’s ending is the least satisfactory. The women encounter the empty tomb (except for the angel who tells them that Jesus has been raised) and they leave in fear and tell no one. That’s it! Obviously, it was not it. If it had been it, Mark wouldn’t have written the gospel. If it had been it, the church would not exist. There is a feeling that something is missing or unfinished. What might Mark’s intention have been to end in this way? Scholars speculate. Maybe, this ending isn’t an ending at all. Maybe, Mark is telling his readers that the message of resurrection is always unfinished. The end of the story can not be told because it is still happening! How has the resurrection affected your life? Is resurrection part of your story, too? Christ’s love knows no bounds; it never ends.


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