April 8, 2015 (Luke 24:13-35)

We hear the story of the disciples and Jesus walking to Emmaus. They walk a good distance and the disciples don’t recognize Him. It’s only after He agrees to stay and have a meal with them, only after he breaks bread, do they realize who the stranger was. Jesus wants to be near us; He wants to walk with us. When you go to mass, do you recognize the Lord in the breaking of the bread? In the Scriptures (the Word of God proclaimed)?


One thought on “April 8, 2015 (Luke 24:13-35)

  1. I think the Church has done well in helping us to see Jesus present in the breaking of the bread. Where I feel we need more emphasis is in seeing Jesus present in each other. It happens to me only rarely that I become keenly aware of His presence in another. As a member of The Saint Vincent de Paul Society, I have seen the suffering face of Christ in the tearful face of a person in extreme need. For me it is in serving those in need that I have become most aware of Christ’s presence in another person.

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