April 8, 2015 (Luke 24:13-35)

We hear the story of the disciples and Jesus walking to Emmaus. They walk a good distance and the disciples don’t recognize Him. It’s only after He agrees to stay and have a meal with them, only after he breaks bread, do they realize who the stranger was. Jesus wants to be near us; He wants to walk with us. When you go to mass, do you recognize the Lord in the breaking of the bread? In the Scriptures (the Word of God proclaimed)?


1 thought on “April 8, 2015 (Luke 24:13-35)

  1. I think the Church has done well in helping us to see Jesus present in the breaking of the bread. Where I feel we need more emphasis is in seeing Jesus present in each other. It happens to me only rarely that I become keenly aware of His presence in another. As a member of The Saint Vincent de Paul Society, I have seen the suffering face of Christ in the tearful face of a person in extreme need. For me it is in serving those in need that I have become most aware of Christ’s presence in another person.

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