April 11, 2015 (Mark 16:9-15)

Today at mass, we have the “extended ending” to Mark’s gospel. We are told to evangelize, to “proclaim the gospel to every creature”. Evangelization is the primary function of the church; to spread the “good news.” Sometimes, we feel strange doing this and don’t know how to proceed, know what to say or do. We are all called to be witnesses to the Risen Christ. Maybe, we feel inadequate because we don’t feel we can speak properly (remember Moses felt that way). That’s when we need to evangelize through our actions, how we live our lives. The first Christians were noted because of how they loved one another. We should be different because of our faith. We should act in a way that no one can mistake who we are (i.e. Christians). Let’s pray that our words and our deeds draw others closer to Jesus.


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