May 29, 2015 (Mark 11:11-26)

The story of Jesus driving out of the Temple those selling and buying and turning over the tables of the money changes. This is a familiar story (it appears during Holy Week in the Synoptics and at the start of His ministry in John). Jesus is clearly angry by what He finds going on. He is upset and annoyed.

Sometimes, we can turn a sacred place, like the Church, into a “marketplace.” Modern people have often lost the sense of the sacred, a sacred space. We need to regain that sense of the sacred. Medieval people thought the whole world was sacred. The psalmist, in multiple psalms, talks about the sacredness of God’s creation. Let us remember that our churches are primarily houses of prayer where the people of God come to worship, in a special way.


1 thought on “May 29, 2015 (Mark 11:11-26)

  1. As a young child, my Irish mother, instilled a sense of awe and mystery in me about the divine. God was to be approached with awe, on two knees and bowed head. Church was to be treated as one would the Holy of Holies, for God dwelt there.
    At thirteen I entered the Postulate of the Society of Mary (Marianists.) No one told me that that was the wrong approach to God, but they did show me that God was a person who loved me and wished me to love Him in return. Love requires intimacy. It wasn’t long before cold awesome worship was replaced with heated, passionate love. Instead of a stone cold temple of worship the church became “my Father’s House.” It became a place where I was welcomed into a loving presence. A place where brothers and sisters joined with me in partaking of a joyous banquet meal provided by that same Loving Father. Prayer was no longer recited words, but a loving exchange of what He and I felt in our hearts.
    In the days of Moses, God required him to take off his sandles because the ground on which he was standing was sacred, but with Jesus we “share in God’s Divinity even as He humbled Himself to share in our humanity.”

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