Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time 2015 (Mark 4:35-41)

Mark ends Chapter 4 with a “miracle story.” He has presented a series of parables. Is he saying that the parables and Jesus doing “mighty deeds” are somehow connected? “This man speaks with authority…” It is the calming of the sea: “Who then is this that even wind and sea obey?” Despite what we may think, the disciples were not trying to figure out Jesus’ identity as much as His honor status. He is obviously more powerful than humans and the sea and the wind. Their real question is where does He get this power? Jesus’ birth status (as far as they knew) was of a carpenter’s son who shouldn’t go around doing such things. Jesus’ behavior caused a problem (remember from previous blogs taking on anything additional, like honor, caused problems). His disciples believed it was God’s power at work; Jesus’ enemies thought is was the devil at work.

Who really is Jesus in your life? “Biblical Faith,” in almost all cases, is not an assent of the mind like we think today. The Hebrew and Greek words used would be better translated as “personal loyalty” or “personal commitment.” In the story, the disciples were afraid (their loyalty and commitment to Jesus was shaken). It would be shaken again in the garden when He is arrested. How is your loyalty or commitment to Jesus? Is it shaken by something that has happened?


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