July 2, 2015 (Gen 22:1b-19)

“Because you acted as you did in not withholding from Me your beloved son, I will… make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky.” Abraham is willing to sacrifice Isaac, if it is God’s will. It is not God’s will. Child sacrifices were prevalent in ancient times and this story is meant to remind the people that this abomination is not God’s will for His people. Sacrifices can appear in many different forms though. The word itself, “sacrifice,” seems to no longer be in our vocabulary. People don’t want to be willing to sacrifice anymore because sacrifices cost us something. Sometimes, that means a little hurt will come about. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice. Shouldn’t we be willing to sacrifice? It might be something as simple as doing a good deed for a shut-in, or giving a little extra to our parish.


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