July 9, 2015 (Gen: 44:18-21, 23b-29; 45:1-5)

“I am your brother Joseph.” The story of Joseph has been called a “nouvella,” the world’s first short novel. It makes a good screen play (as evidenced on how many times there have been films made of it.) In truth, the three great patriarchs in Genesis are: Abraham, Jacob (Israel), and Joseph (not Isaac). Joseph’s story is important for several reasons, the morals that can be drawn from it as well as this is how the Children of Israel get to Egypt,thus, it serves to introduce the Book of Exodus).

The Joseph story is one of revenge that leads to forgiveness. Joseph could have reeked vengeance on his brothers for what they did to him selling him into slavery, but, instead, shows compassion and forgiveness. This is a great moral lesson for us.


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