July 22, 2015 (Memorial of St. Mary Magdalene)

Today is the required memorial for Mary Magdalene and also the 12th anniversary of the storm we affectionately call “Hurricane Elvis.” I was on the altar for the early mass at the Cathedral with Fr. Handwerker and preached the homily. After the preaching, the storm hit: power went out, the glass in the windows started to buckle, etc. We finished the mass the old fashion way, in candle light. One of the parishioners was heard to say, “Maybe Mary Magdalene didn’t like Russ’ homily!” For the record, i didn’t cause the storm. Actually, I’m sure she loved it.

Mary Magdalene has often been falsely maligned as the “woman caught in adultery.” She wasn’t that person , but someone from whom Jesus cast out 7 demons. She was probably quite rich in the fishing business and financially supported Jesus’ mission. Note she was the first to see the Risen Lord on Easter Sunday and is often called the “apostle to the Apostles.”

July 22nd is also Fr. Val Handwerker’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Fr. Val!


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