Sept. 12, 2015 (Luke 6:43-49)

“For every tree is known by its own fruit.” When I retired from the US Navy in 1992, I was appointed to the Bartlett Beautiful Commission, not because I knew anything about trees and plants, but being a retired administrator, I could write a “mean” set of minutes. It was Fall and we were selling trees. I asked the Chairperson if I could buy a Pear Tree. She said “yes” and just pick one up the next time I had to do a run to the nursery to buy more trees for the sale. So, Kurt Wilson went with me. The salesperson told us where the pear trees were and I had Kurt pick one out as he knew more about trees. Well, I took it home and planted it. Eventually, it bore fruit. The problem was the fruit was an apple! They had sold me an apple not a pear tree. So, the next meeting at the Gotten House, I placed two apples in front of where the Chairperson sat (I used to sit next to here to take minutes). She held up the apples and asked where they came from. I told her that they came from my “pear tree!” You see, no matter what that tree I bought would do, it would never produce pears; it wasn’t in its nature.

Our deeds are tangible proof of our goodness or not so goodness. Our actions are the fruit by which people know us. Do you produce good fruit?


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