Sept. 22, 2015 (Ezra 6:7-8. 12b)

The Book of Ezra deals with what happened between 438-410 BC. When Cyrus the Persian conquered Babylon, he issued a decree that the Jews could go back to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple and the city walls. many didn’t want to do it. They were losing their Jewish ethnicity because of intermarrying. The faith in the One God was started to fade. that’s where Ezra comes in. he saved the Jewish faith from being absorbed. In that way, he was like a second Moses. He insisted on following the Torah (Law) and worshipping in the temple. Because of him, Judaism was what it was at the time of Jesus.

The same seems to be happening today as Christianity is being absorbed, and even blotted out, by the social philosophy of our time. We can’t let society do this. We need to take back our religion and stand up for what we believe no matter what the cost.


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