28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mark 10:17-30)

Mark’s Gospel makes clear that what Jesus has to offer is life in the Kingdom of God. This is a gift. I cannot do anything to earn it. Nevertheless, it is a gift with “strings attached,” with expectations that God has of us. In giving this gift, God has acted in love. What He expects, in return, is that we live the life of love. The problem of riches is not the riches themselves. The problem of riches is the priority we give to them and how we pursue them. One thing must come first: our love of God.


1 thought on “28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mark 10:17-30)

  1. I and many other concerned parishioners think,”If I could only win the lottery I could pay off the parish debt and we would be free to do other things to bring about the kingdom of God here in our community.” The problem with that is that we are all called upon to pay off the debt and we are ALL called to build up the kingdom. If only one of us does this, then we have cheated the others (willing or unwilling) of their chances to serve and to share the gifts they have received from God.
    That might be another trouble with riches. Even with good intentions for their use we may find they are an obstacle to God’s will for us and others.

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