Oct. 19, 2015 (Memorial of North American Martyrs)

(Romans 4:20-25) Paul, again, uses Abraham as a symbol of what “faith” is all about. We might call it, “trust,” that is, Abraham trusted that God would keep his promises in spite of the fact that it looked impossible. He was supposed to have descendents as “numerous as the stars in heaven and sands on the seashore.” Yet, he was old and his wife barren. Reason told him that this could not be. Yet, Abraham believed God.

Society tells us we shouldn’t believe: how could Jesus of Nazareth really be the Son of God, how could He rise from the dead, etc. All things in our Creed are looked at as being beyond reason, only someone who wasn’t “with it” could believe this. In this environment, Abraham is a good role model for us.


1 thought on “Oct. 19, 2015 (Memorial of North American Martyrs)

  1. The “society” that tells us not to believe is opposed by the “Society” that are believers – The Church, the Body of Christ. That is why Jesus formed us into a Church. Doubting Thomas had lost faith in Jesus but he remained faithful to the community or the “Society”
    Of believers. Jesus could find him there and heal his doubting. This is the power of the community of the faithful. Jesus is present here and can heal our doubts and fears leading us to knowing and love.

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