Nov. 25, 2015 (Luke 21: 12-19)

Jesus tells His disciples that despite the hatred and persecution they will receive, they will safely endure because of His grace. Embracing Jesus means that others will dislike us; they will cause us problems. It won’t be easy being a Christian. Yet, all will be well, as long as we persevere. Openly professing the faith will cause some to change their attitudes and behavior toward us. We should not be intimidated by this. Give us courage, Lord, to speak Your truth.


One thought on “Nov. 25, 2015 (Luke 21: 12-19)

  1. Only once in my life did I give serious thought to the question, ” would I be able to die for my faith?” It was when one of the Brothers, that was an upper classman with me in the Scholasticate, was murdered in the Congo.
    Now people are again being confronted with the possibility of having to die to be faithful to Christ. It is again time to give serious consideration to the question.

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