Fourth Sunday (2015)

“Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb…” Mary and Elizabeth are both called by God to motherhood. They each have unique problems. They may, both, have asked “Why me?” They need to surrender their doubts and fears. They need to hope. You might say that they need to “surrender.” This word has negative connotations. But, God calls all of us to surrender to Him; to trust in Him. We need to surrender our own wants and not be self-centered. There are times when we need to give up attempts to control things. God will present us with possibilities beyond our imaging.


One thought on “Fourth Sunday (2015)

  1. I’ d like to copy this little meditation and bring it to my neighbor. She has just received word that without chemo she has a few months to live, and with chemo, perhaps a few more years. At this point I’m not sure she is ready to hear it.
    In my life, I have found that most times we should surrender to His will, but other times it seems appropriate to force His loving hands through prayer and faith.
    “Son of David have pity on me!”

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