Dec. 21, 2015

One of the antiphons in the Liturgy of the Hours for Dec. 21 reminds us that there are 5 days left until Christmas (actually 4 shopping days). During this time of family gatherings and parties, we often discuss either the presents we bought for others or the presents we were given (including that ugly tie from Uncle Charlie that we know we’ll never wear!). How often do we discuss the mystery of the Incarnation? The fact that the Incarnation happened changes everything. How has the Incarnation changed your life?


1 thought on “Dec. 21, 2015

  1. Among many Christians there is a sincere effort to keep Christ in Christmas. That means that the topic of the Incarnation is part of their conversation during this season. I’m glad that you brought the subject up, because under your pastoring many parishioners do discuss such subjects. This parish is made up of many holy people and it is obvious to me, that here Jesus is truly Emmanuel. Jesus keeps His promise. He and the Father come to us and make their home with us. How blessed we are!

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