Jan. 12, 2016 (Mark 1:29-39)

“Jesus rebuked him and said, ‘Quiet! Come out of him!'” A man was in the synagogue who had an “unclean spirit.” The people in Jesus’ time believed unclean spirits caused illnesses that today we might attribute to a mental disorder of some kind. This “possessed” man is cured by Jesus telling the unclean spirit to essentially “Shut up!” Mark is demonstrating that Jesus is more powerful than the unclean spirit. You see, Jesus is stronger than any “unclean spirit” that we might encounter. He is the one who can make us whole. (In Old English, when the word “Jesus” appeared in the gospels, the word used to replace “Jesus” was “Heland,” meaning “the one who makes whole.”) Will you let Jesus make you whole, again?


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