Jan. 30, 2016 (Mark 4:35-41)

“Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a cushion.” As Jesus sleeps, a terrible storm takes place. (I wonder how He slept through such a storm?) The disciples are fearful for their lives! They awaken Jesus who tells the storm to literally, “Shut up!” Everything becomes calm.

When we are in the storm(s) of our lives, we often question where Jesus is or that He is asleep. We want an immediate response to our difficulties. We need to take solace in the fact that Jesus is always there, and, if He doesn’t respond right away, then maybe it’s not as bad as we think.


One thought on “Jan. 30, 2016 (Mark 4:35-41)

  1. Few people are aware that the US Navy has small wooden minesweepers (165 feet long and 40 feet wide at the beam.) I have sailed on one across the North Atlantic and through storms like, and perhaps worse, than what the Apostles experienced. The pitch and role of that little ship at those times would not have allowed for anyone to sleep. My point being, that I can understand the Apostle’s fear. It is an experience in which I realized how puny I was and how mighty and powerful the sea was. At those times I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that only the hand of God kept us from total destruction.

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