WK 5C (2016) (Luke 5:1-11)

Jesus calls His disciples to be “fishers of men (people).” Each of us has a similar call from God to “build up the church.” Many times, we don’t feel properly prepared to do this, “”to put out into the deep for a catch.” We struggle with this call much like the prophets of old: Moses, Jeremiah, etc. We forget that God will be with us to help us: “When I called, you answered me…” (Psalm 138) God’s grace “will be sufficient for us.” We need to “follow” Jesus; place Jesus above all else and be like Him in all we say and do.


1 thought on “WK 5C (2016) (Luke 5:1-11)

  1. Each time I enter Church for a Mass or devotion of some kind, I find people who are trying to do that very thing. They are trying to follow Jesus, trying to place Him above all else in their lives. Why else would they be there? At the “kiss of peace” I feel joy and love and peace with all those holy people that surround me.

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