Feb. 23, 2016 (Isa 1:10, 16-20)

The Lord promises to “set things right” and to wash our “scarlet” sins “white as snow.” God promises us His Hesed, His mercy. Comforting words as we try to come face to face with our sins during this Lenten Season.


One thought on “Feb. 23, 2016 (Isa 1:10, 16-20)

  1. This reading of God making scarlet sins white as snow and our crimson sins white as wool, places some confusion in my mind about the subject of Purgatory. Faced with this text and the fact that Jesus, The Lamb Of God, takes our sins away (if He takes them away they don’t exist anymore) causes me to wonder about “Temporal Punishment due to sin.”
    The popular grade school example was to take a washed blackboard, write the word “SIN” on it and then erase it. The residue chalk from the eraser was equated to the “temporal punishment due to sin.” Only washing the board again with indulgences (purchased through prayer, penance and alms giving) or time spent in Purgatory, could restore the blackboard to its pristine condition. Not a very satisfactory comparison to being made “white as snow” or “taking our sins away.”

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