March 7, 2016 (John 5:1-3, 5-16)

At weekday masses through the rest of Lent, our Gospels will come from John (except March 19 and Wednesday of Holy Week). These are mostly continual readings from John leaving out what we will hear at Sunday masses. Therefore, the themes in Lent have changed from penitential practices to Christology (the study of who Christ is). Today, is a story of a healing at long distance. Jesus doesn’t even go to the bedside of the person dying but tells the man that his son will leave. The man trusts in Jesus’ words and, indeed, the son gets better exactly when Jesus said so.

The lesson for us is one of trust. Sometimes, when we pray, we become impatient and doubt God’s goodness. What we need is to persevere and trust. “Jesus, I trust in You.”


One thought on “March 7, 2016 (John 5:1-3, 5-16)

  1. Our parish has a concrete example of what you are saying. One day in December of 1997 I lay in Methodist North ICU, unconscious. Allan Green visited to learn of my condition and was told that I would “pass away” by noon. Three doctors concurred. Upon returning to St. Ann School Dianne Witsell asked how I was. Upon hearing the doctor’s verdict she went immediately to the PA mike and ordered everyone in ear shot, to stop what they were doing, and to pray for me. Children and teachers stopped wherever they were and prayed. That day I began to recover.
    First Dianne trusted and then spread that trust to all in the sound of her voice.

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