March 9, 2016 (Isa 49:8-15)

In the vision from Isaiah, the captivity in Babylon is over and people are streaming home to restore the land and to rebuild. they are words of comfort. God is always faithful and wants are happiness. the problem is that we are not always faithful in return. Lent is a time for returning home to God. if we feel very far away from God, maybe we’ve forgotten our spiritual genes: to whom we belong.

One thought on “March 9, 2016 (Isa 49:8-15)

  1. In some small measure I have experienced the absolute longing of God to love me (and if me, all others as well.) For too long I have wanted to act in a way that would enable God to love me, only to awaken to the fact that His love is there for everyone who will avail themselves of it. The problem is not can I get God to love me; the problem is one of my opening myself to receive that love that God longs to give to us.

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