April 9, 2016 (John 6:16-21)

“They saw Jesus walking on the sea…” After the feeding of the crowd, Jesus went off by Himself while the disciples went by boat to Capernaum. A storm blew up and the waves were strong with a raging wind. They were tossed about. They tried to “ride out” the storm. Storms come to us all (in Memphis literally and figuratively) We need Jesus to calm the chaos and fear we experience. Lord, calm our fears like You did for the disciples.


One thought on “April 9, 2016 (John 6:16-21)

  1. Having sailed to the Mediteranean on a small wooden ship, and back, I have a better appreciation for what the Apostles were going through. Our description of how we felt was: “Afraid you’re going to die, and scared that you won’t!” Sometimes death seemed to be the better alternative.
    Faith in God and the craftsmenship of the Booth Bay Harbor shipwrights got us through to where we could laugh about how frightened we had been. I believe I am often fearful of the wrong things. If only in my life I had been as fearful of offending God as I was on those days when the sea turned us every way but loose.

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