May 7, 2016 (John 16:23b-28)

“Ask in My name…” The hospital chaplain headed to room 164. When he got there, he didn’t find the patient he was looking for. The chaplain apologized to the patient for the mistake. The patient replied that it wasn’t a mistake that he had been praying to have the courage to talk to a priest. How deep is our faith in prayer?


One thought on “May 7, 2016 (John 16:23b-28)

  1. I am curious about the different responses that I have gotten to my prayers. There was the seventeen years that I told the Father about a particular wish I had. I never actually asked for what I wanted but there it was. Then there are the many situations at work in which I asked St. Joseph for help. He seems to have been at the ready every time I’ve asked. Why then are there times when my prayers seem to be completely ignored?

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