June 22, 2016 (Matt 7:21-29)

“By their fruits you will know them.” (A true life story) When I first retired from the Navy, I was looking to do some volunteer work, so I wound up on the “Bartlett Beautiful Commission,” not because I knew anything about flowers/trees, but I could take a “mean set of minutes” as Secretary of the Board. One fall, we were selling trees. I wanted to buy a pear tree. The President said I should pick out one when I next went to pick up some more trees for the sale. So, I did. The salesman pointed out the trees I should pick from. When I got the tree home, I planted it and took care of it and it grew fruit. The next meeting, I brought two pieces in and set them in front of where the President would sit for the Board meeting. She started to raise the gavel and then asked, “Who brought in the apples!” You see my “pear tree” wasn’t a pear tree at all but an “apple tree.” No matter how hard it tried it would never bear pears. “By their fruits you will know them.” You see it wasn’t in the nature of that tree. So, too, with human beings. Think about it?


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