July 1, 2016 (Matt 9:9-13)

“Go and learn the meaning of the words, I desire mercy, not sacrifice…” We are half way through the Year of Mercy. How are you doing? Jesus quotes the Prophet, Hosea. It’s one thing to “learn” the meaning, but another thing to do it?


One thought on “July 1, 2016 (Matt 9:9-13)

  1. If I understand correctly, the message from Jesus on the cross says, “Give me your sins by giving me yourself. He died so that we might die in Him and our sins be annihilated. “In a, Fresh Look At Confession, Fr. Knight goes on to say: “It is wrong to rob Him of the fruit of His passion and death by taking back the burden He died to take away.” (pg. 20-21)
    While we shouldn’t hang onto the burden of sins Jesus Has taken away, Pope Francis reminds us that we must remember that we are sinners and have our weaknesses. This expands our hearts to where mercy may enter them. Aware that Jesus suffered and died to take away our sins, how can we not be merciful to others that Jesus extends the same mercy?

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