Aug. 13, 2016 Ezek 18:1-10, 13b, 30-32)

“What is the meaning of…’Fathers have eaten green grapes, thus their children’s teeth are on edge’?” At the time of Ezekiel, people believed that God punished the sins of parents by inflicting ailments and difficulties on their children. Ezekiel made it very clear that each of us has to be responsible and accountable for our own sins. Yet, don’t people often blame others for their own problems? Remember the woman who burnt herself by spilling coffee and received a large settlement because she blamed the fast food place for making the coffee too hot? (There are many other examples) Ezekiel reminds us that we are judged on our own integrity. Someone once wrote that “if it happened to you it’s your fault.” We always want to put the blame on others. Let us search our hearts to see if it’s our fault before we blame others.


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