WK 28C (2016) (Luke 17:11-19)

Today’s Gospel is a story unique to the Gospel of Luke about 10 lepers who are healed (one is a Samaritan who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time). The original story emphasized that God is willing to heal (save) anyone, even someone you would not expect. The one Samaritan came back to give thanks to God by thanking Jesus. (The other 9 thanked God by appearing before the priests of the Temple and thus being restored, in terms of ritual purity, to the community of God.) The Samaritan might not have understood who Jesus was but he knew He acted on God’s behalf.

To be a Christian is to be a person who begins and ends a day, a prayer, or even a life with gratitude. Gratitude to God is something in short supply in today’s world. The Gospel invites us to look at how we express our gratitude to God. Do we give Him thanks and praise for who He is and then for what He does? Like: His gift of life, love, mercy and the best gift, the gift of His Son? Thanksgiving Day is on the horizon but it is one day a year to give thanks. What Jesus wants us to do is be grateful everyday: a gratitude woven into our very being! (An “attitude of gratitude”) One of the heartfelt ways to show gratitude to God is by giving back to God.


1 thought on “WK 28C (2016) (Luke 17:11-19)

  1. On many occasions people will ask us to pray for them because of sickness, trouble, or perhaps a new job closer to home. I try to take these requests seriously and give their intentions over to God with serious prayer. When a person comes back to me with a successful resolution to their request, I tell them that the prayers must continue, but change now to prayers of thanksgiving.

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