Oct. 13, 2016 (Luke 11:47-54)

“Woe to you… you have taken away the key of knowledge.” Someone once complained about the fact that we put an “obligation” tag on our attendance at Sunday Mass. The reasoning: by calling it an “obligation” we have obscured its real purpose- it enriches our identity, connects us to our family of faith, and re-energizes our common purpose. The mass reminds us of who loves us and to whom we belong. What do you think?


1 thought on “Oct. 13, 2016 (Luke 11:47-54)

  1. It would seem that from the beginning (back to Adam And Eve) it has been an inherent part of human kind to worship God by offering sacrifices. To praise, thank, or petition God, a sacrifice was in order. Sacrifices for the expiation of sin were common down through the ages; most commonly an unblemished lamb. John the Baptist points to Jesus and cries out, “Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!”
    I know of no other religion in the world today that offers that kind of sacrifice, a living victim. Some eastern religions have priests but their sacrifices are not to the one true and living God. In Christianity it is only Catholics that have priests and who offer a sacrifice to the living and true God.
    Our God waits on us, after placing in our hands the bread and wine. Now as the priest in the Epiclesis calls on the Holy Spirit to come upon the bread and wine “to make it holy,” and then pronounces the words of Consecration, both are transubstantciated into Jesus the Christ. Together with the priest we offer Him to the Father. In that moment a holy and most joyous embrace takes place between the Father and the Son that sends the whole of heaven, saints and angels alike, into a euphoria of joy and love that is beyond our imaginations here on earth. A perfect victim, holy and spotless and most pleasing to the Father, has been placed in our hands to raise to the Father. For this reason Jesus told the disciples at the Last Supper, “With what great longing I have longed to eat this Pasque with you.” From that moment in time, “from the rising to the setting of the sun a holy and perfect sacrifice would be offered to the living and true God.” How glorious that our God has given to us that ability.

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