WK3A (2017)

Just as in Advent/Christmas, “Light” is a major theme in today’s readings. We are called to follow the “Light” which is Christ. Seeing the “Light” is actually much easier than following the “Light,” being a disciple of Christ. Walking in the “light” of Christ is not easy. The first step is to see the “Light.” The second step is to follow the “Light.” The third step is to share the message of Christ with others. We will soon start a New Evangelization effort called ChristLife which will help transform our parish and lead to changed lives. It is a three-part program:Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ. (More about ChristLife as we progress)

The image of Light in the darkness threads its way through the Sundays of Ordinary Time between Christmas and Lent. It reminds us that the Light of the World whose dawning we celebrated during Advent/Christmas season, is the same Light whose flame will purify and enlighten us during Lent and enkindle the fire of the Holy Spirit in us during the 50 days of Easter to Pentecost. The Light, of course, is Christ Himself.


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