Jan. 27, 2017 (Mark 4:26-34)

“With many such parables He spoke the word to them as they were able to understand it.” In the Synoptic Gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke, Jesus speaks (teaches) in stories or what we call “parables.” Parables are things that seem to be talking about one thing but really are talking about something else (like mustard seeds but really about The Kingdom of God). Jesus uses vocabulary that His hearers understand to talk about something far more sublime. I came across an explanation of how the parables might have worked that goes something like this: a parable is like a joke with the punchline missing and you have to fill in the blank. So, The Kingdom of God is like a net; how is it like a net? This understanding of how parables were used makes the hearers talk about the possible answers for how something in this world is like something that is “heavenly.” The people would talk it out and then, maybe on Jesus’ next trip through, they might tell Him what they came up with. So, I’ll leave you with one of Jesus’ more familiar parables: How is the Kingdom of God (Heaven) like a mustard seed plant?


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