Feb. 13, 2017 (gen 4:1-5, 25)

We hear the Cain and Abel story. Some stories are known by scripture scholars as “Pronouncement Stories,” i.e. a story to explain why certain things exist the way they do by going back in time to show how it all started and how “its always been that way.” This story explains why farmers and herdsmen are sometimes enemies and why those in the cities of Canaan were hostile to the Hebrews (Cain founded the first city.) In a way, Cain’s murder of his brother is still around today. Look at the news and see the killings in our cities; the anger and hostility in the country. Jesus told us in the Gospel for yesterday that breaking the small laws leads to breaking the big laws. Anger leads to murder, e.g. Let’s pray that the anger and resentment in our country will abate and we’ll finally realize we are all brothers and need to respect not harm each other.


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