March 28, 2017 (John 5:1-16)

“Do you want to be well?” This is a strange thing to ask of someone who has been crippled for 38 years. The man complains that he is like that because no one has helped him. So, now, he no longer tries. He wastes each day. Sometimes, we can fall in the same trap. We think that God is not paying proper attention to us so we stop trying. You see, the Lord wants us to be well, also. We need to reach out to Him in our brokenness. “Jesus, be a Jesus to me!”


1 thought on “March 28, 2017 (John 5:1-16)

  1. You were also a “Jesus to me” when you responded a little over 2 yrs ago to me…”God can use you”.. And He has indeed!! Thank you Fr. Russ 😇

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