April 29, 2017 (John 6:16-21)

Before we get into the “Bread of Life” discourse, we have a story about a storm and Jesus walking on the water. The 5th of Jesus’ “signs” is a nature miracle. Mark and Matthew have parallel stories. Mark has Jesus get into the boat; John says it arrived at the shore before He could get in, and Matthew has the incident were Peter tries to walk on the sea but fails and Jesus catches Him and they get into the boat. Jesus can calm our storms and catch us, too.


1 thought on “April 29, 2017 (John 6:16-21)

  1. It’s so good to see that Jesus is beginning to “calm your storms” and that He is “catching you”! 🎼He is holding you in the palm of His Hand Fr Russ🎼 And don’t you forget it…..Hahahahaha

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