Easter WK 3A (2017)

Sometimes, we hear people say:”I believe in God; I believe in Jesus; but I don’t believe in (or belong to) the Church.” Whenever we hear something like this, we should recall another traveler on the road, Paul. (Paul was confused; Paul who persecuted the followers of Jesus.) After being struck down and blinded and told he was persecuting Jesus Himself, Paul came to realize that Jesus and His followers were one. Where one was, there was the other. They were like head and body. Trying to separate Jesus from the Church, the community of His followers, was like trying to separate our head from our body. If we are to find the Risen Jesus today, it will be the way the two disciples on the road to Emmaus found Him. It will be the way Paul found Him on the road top Damascus. It will be the way the two brothers found Him on a rainy road in Colorado: in the midst of His Church, in the breaking of the Bread.


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