May 6, 2017 (Prayer)

Prayer After Holy Communion

“Praise be to You, O Lord, who fill heaven and earth with Your majesty, and yet You have been pleased to nourish me with this most holy Sacrament. Cleanse me, my God, from every stain of soul and body, and teach me to walk in Your fear and to do good, so that my conscience may bear witness that I have been sanctified by the receiving of Your holy Body and Blood, and that my soul is indeed a temple of the Holy Spirit. Merciful Lord, let me not increase my guilt though the unworthy reception of this Sacrament, but grant that it may be a means of making me more pleasing to You.

Father of mercy and God of consolation, graciously look upon me and impart to me the blessing which flows from this holy Sacrament. Overshadow me with Your loving kindness, and let this divine mystery bear fruit in me.

I thank You, Almighty and Merciful Father. I am deeply grateful to You for having had pity on me and cleansed me from sin and allowed me to have a share in this Sacrament on which the angels desire to gaze. Grant that this sacred union with You may bring me pardon for my past sins, a remedy for those which I may still have, and a safeguard against those I might commit in the future, You who live and reign as God forever. Amen.” St. Blase


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