July 2, 2017 13th Week of Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel is one that causes some to scratch their heads and say, “Jesus said what?” He tells us amongst other things that we must love Him more than parents; take up our cross to follow Him; lose our lives in order to win them. The Lucan variant is even harsher: we must “hate” our parents. What is all that about? Our problem is that we think like 21st century Westerners and not 1st century peasants of the Near East. To give a full explanation would be too long for a blog. However, there are plans to record my homily on it and be able to see it on YouTube and the Shrine of the Divine Mercy, Bartlett, TN. Web Page.

So, one point. In Bible speak, love and hate are not feelings and emotions. Love=attachment to someone, and hate= dis-attachment. In this case: Jesus. Jesus was telling them, and us, that our attachment to Him is greater than any other relationship that we think is important. That makes all others who are so attached to Him our family. His group (the Church) is our replacement family. All those in the pews on Sunday are our brothers and sisters! We should act accordingly. (I could go on and on, but, instead, look for my homily on-line.)


3 thoughts on “July 2, 2017 13th Week of Ordinary Time

  1. 🎼🎂Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy 69th Birthday to you Fr Russ🎂🎼 🎼🎂Happy Birthday to you🎂🎼

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