14th Sunday of Ordinary Time (2017)

(MT 11:25-30) “Come to Me all who labor…and I will give you rest.” Lord, give us the rest that only You can give when we feel burdened by life’s labors and sorrows. Open our hearts so that we learn from You to seek and accept the yoke that is easy, the burden that is light. Give us the strength to help others with the burdens that weigh them down. Amen.


1 thought on “14th Sunday of Ordinary Time (2017)

  1. At an earlier day in my life, 80 years old seemed really really old. Now that the day has arrived I’m wondering how I can remain useful.
    Lord I know I have not always been faithful to your will. May I from this day until the day I return to the hands that fashioned me, be faithful to the purposes for which I was created.

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