Week 16A (2017)

All 3 of the parables in the Gospel deal with growth of something:wheat/weeds, a mustard plant, and dough. Growth of the Kingdom is inevitable; the Kingdom is “here but not yet.” So, time is involved. The weeds and the wheat are allowed to grow up together. The landowner trusts that the real wheat will survive the “fool’s wheat” and not be choked by it. So, trust is involved. If the weeds equal sinners, then God gives us time or a chance to change before His justice is done. The weeds being burned is a figure of the fires of hell. So, God is patient with us and will give us a chance to reform our lives. (But we don’t have forever for God is indeed just.) God’s judgement is inevitable (so much for those who teach there is no hell!) All 3 parables give us a picture of the good that can result. Next week, we’ll learn more with 3 more parables.


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