July 29, 2017 (Required Memorial for St. Martha)

It seems sort of strange that Martha not Mary has a memorial in the universal calendar of the Church since, in the gospel, we hear Jesus say that Mary, her sister, has chosen the better part. Actually, there used to be a joint memorial for both of them. With that in mind, I’ve come to look at this memorial as being, in a way, for both. We have to be a little like Martha, taking care of the necessities of life, and a little bit like Mary, contemplating the Kingdom of Heaven.


1 thought on “July 29, 2017 (Required Memorial for St. Martha)

  1. I always thought that Martha was treated rather harshly by Jesus in this story. I just put it down to Jesus trying to get us to, understand that the persuit of the kingdom was more important than anything else in life. I also think that Jesus, in being human had His favorites. Look through the events of the Gospels and see how many times “He took Peter James and John” with Him to “special. Events!”

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