17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

The three parables in today’s gospel reading complete our journey through the “discourse in parables” about the “Kingdom of Heaven.” In the first two parables, Jesus likens the Kingdom to a treasure and in the third to a dragnet with fish and other things! These parables force us to ask ourselves some questions: what treasure have we taken risks to obtain? Money? Security? A possession? An obsession? A home? A personal comfort? Is it people? What do we treasure? Jesus told us that “where [our] hearts are, there also is our treasure.” What are we willing to pay for it? Is the Kingdom of Heaven so important that we will go to any length (sacrifice) to obtain it like the people in the parables were willing to sell all they had to buy the field or the pearl of great price?


1 thought on “17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

  1. At different times in my life there have been different treasures that I risked everything for. Once it was for religious life. I gave up home and family. Even when I learned it was not the life for me I never regretted it.
    Then there was a time when I was torn. I wanted God but I also wanted the pleasures of life. It was a horrible time. Like St. Paul I did the evil I wished not to do and the good I wished to do I did not.
    I believe that prayer lead me to a third treasure in my old age. In the past the motivation to do good was out of a fear “of the loss of heaven and the pains of hell.” Now good acts are motivated “because I love Thee my God who are all good and deserving of all my love.”
    My regret is that it has taken me so long to reach out and grasp
    This treasure.

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