Aug. 6, 2017 (Feast of Transfiguration)

The gospel story of the Transfiguration is the same as the gospel of the Second Sunday of Lent. So, it is a very familiar story. Since the Bishops put aside the 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time to celebrate this Feast, it must mean that they want us to learn a very important lesson. The context of this event in the gospel narrative, I believe, sheds light on this. The Transfiguration story happens after Peter’s Confession that Jesus is the Messiah and Jesus’ prediction of His passion and death. The Apostles don’t understand (maybe they understand too well, or want to pretend they didn’t hear this. Jesus is saying that suffering comes before glory. You can’t have Easter Sunday without Good Friday. The Apostles want to take a “short cut” directly to the glory part. Jesus is telling them and us, you can’t. We must embrace our cross like He did, if we want to share in His victory over sin and death.


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