WK 20A (2017)

In the Near East of Jesus’ time, “faith” is best understood as loyalty and allegiance to someone, no matter what. In the story, the pagan woman stays committed to Jesus no matter what He says and does. She wasn’t put off by Him. In the time of Jesus, this kind of loyalty is rewarded: Jesus cures her child.

In the news, we see how loyalty often is not rewarded. Long time employees are often let go close to retirement to keep them from getting full benefits. Others are let go and replaced by less skilled and lesser paying employees. Loyalty to the firm is not rewarded. WE see it in terms of committment to Jesus and His church. How many people do you know who were brought up in the Church, turn away from it for all kinds of reasons. They have lost their committment to Jesus and the Church. Often we hear how the third largest Christian denomination are fallen away Catholics who no longer attend the Catholic Church. What can you do to reacativate loyal committment to Jesus and His Church?


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