August 24, 2017 (Feast of St. Bartholomew)

Little is known of St. Bartholomew in the Synoptics other than he is listed in the List of the 12 Apostles (paired with Philip). In the Gospel according to John, the name doesn’t appear at all, but there is a Nathaniel connected to St. Philip. This has led many commentators to link the two and say they are the same person. Perhaps, the most famous passage about Nathaniel is when he remarks “what good ever came out of Nazareth” when Philip tells him he has found the Messiah and He’s Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus then appears on the scene and tells Nathaniel He knew before He saw him under the tree, to which Nathaniel is very impressed. Jesus then says to him (in modern slang), “if you thought that was good you ain’t seen nothing yet.” One of the few jocular elements in the gospels. And, of course, Nathaniel observed far greater things in the time he spent with Jesus.


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