WK 24A (MT 18:21-35)

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells Peter that he must forgive his neighbor every time, “7 times 70 times.” This reminds me of a story I came across. A grandmother was celebrating her golden wedding anniversary. What was her secret for so long a marriage? She replied,” On my wedding day, I decided to make a list of 10 of my husband’s faults that for the sake of the marriage I would overlook.” What were some of the faults? The grandmother laughed and replied,” Well, I never got around to making the list. So, whenever my husband did something to make me really mad, I would say, ‘Luckily, that’s one of the ten!'” We should make very effort to forgive.


1 thought on “WK 24A (MT 18:21-35)

  1. Years ago I tried to read everything written by Dom Hubert van Zeller. His spiritual writings were written with such down to earth practical style.
    I remember reading: “If we have real trouble getting along with someone, it is because we see our own faults glaringly portrayed in that person.” With that in mind I find it much easier to forgive another’s faults. After all, they are mine too.

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