Sep. 29, 2017 (Archangels)

Angels-messengers from God-appear- frequently in Sacred Scripture. Three are Arch or “Chief” angels sent for very important reasons. Michael (“Who is like God?”), Gabriel (“God’s strength”), and Raphael (“God’s remedy). Each performs a different function in Scripture: Michael protects, Gabriel announces, and Raphael guides. Can you sense God’s protection and guidance in ways that defy description?


One thought on “Sep. 29, 2017 (Archangels)

  1. In perusing “Catholic Answers” I came across the statement that the Church doesn’t want us giving angels names. Having said that I was encouraged by one priests homily to “ask” my guardian angel what it’s name was. My mind was suddenly and persistently filled with a single word: “Eshel!” I didn’t want to believe it was truely a legitimate word, but it persisted so I halfheartedly said “Ok, Okay, if you want me to call you Eshel, I’ll do so.” From then on when I had occasion to address my guardian angel, I used that name but with some misgivings about its legitimacy.
    Years later I had occasion to make the acquaintance of some young Israelis. In time I asked them if Eshel was a legitimate word in their language. They assured me that it was legitimate as a name and that it translated “God’s Fire.”
    From that time on I have had no doubts about my guardian angel’s name.

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