Sep. 29, 2017 (Archangels)

Angels-messengers from God-appear- frequently in Sacred Scripture. Three are Arch or “Chief” angels sent for very important reasons. Michael (“Who is like God?”), Gabriel (“God’s strength”), and Raphael (“God’s remedy). Each performs a different function in Scripture: Michael protects, Gabriel announces, and Raphael guides. Can you sense God’s protection and guidance in ways that defy description?


1 thought on “Sep. 29, 2017 (Archangels)

  1. In perusing “Catholic Answers” I came across the statement that the Church doesn’t want us giving angels names. Having said that I was encouraged by one priests homily to “ask” my guardian angel what it’s name was. My mind was suddenly and persistently filled with a single word: “Eshel!” I didn’t want to believe it was truely a legitimate word, but it persisted so I halfheartedly said “Ok, Okay, if you want me to call you Eshel, I’ll do so.” From then on when I had occasion to address my guardian angel, I used that name but with some misgivings about its legitimacy.
    Years later I had occasion to make the acquaintance of some young Israelis. In time I asked them if Eshel was a legitimate word in their language. They assured me that it was legitimate as a name and that it translated “God’s Fire.”
    From that time on I have had no doubts about my guardian angel’s name.

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