WK 33A (2017)

Jesus is driving home that those who achieve goodness are those who have learned the one lesson that supersedes all others: the woman, man, or child sitting next to us is Jesus Christ. The woman, man, or child in the supermarket line, on the way to school, or on the street is Jesus Christ. No matter who or what they look like; no matter who they are; no matter what they have done; Jesus Christ dwells within her or him. The simple lesson is that God is within you, within each and everyone and thing in life. If I look for Jesus and don’t find Him in you, then I’m lost. If you look for Him and don’t find Him in me, then you’re lost. Our prayer should be for the grace to recognize in all the presence of God, beginning with ourselves. You and I are called upon to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. This task should not be looked upon as unattainable or simplistic. The solution to our problem as to how we renew the face of the earth and establish God’s Kingdom is so simple: “feed the hungry; give drink to the thirst;… (MT 25:40)


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